Fourth Of July Salute

These photos are my family members who served during World War II.  The first three are my Uncles, Vird, Leo, and John Blandford.  The lone lady in the group is my Aunt Trudy, a nurse, my Dad’s youngest sister.  The Uncles all served in the European theater, but I think Aunt Trudy served in the Pacific.  An unsubstantiated statement from one of my sibs is that she was serving in the hospital where a future President Kennedy was taken after his PT boat was rescued.  That particular sibling is the only person who has that information, which is why it is unsubstantiated.  I asked our family historian about it, but it was the first time she had heard it.  I think it was the first time she heard about Aunt Trudy serving during the war, but don’t quote me on that one.

I’m not sure what’s happening with my blog posts, but they are becoming impossible to find, even for me.  I will probably just hang it all up soon because I’ve worn myself out trying to fix the problems and they just never seem to work out.  It’s a sad thing for me to just shut it all down like this, but why keep beating my head against the wall trying to save the unsaveable.  Don’t know if this one will ever be seen, but at least I can say I really tried before I gave up.

With the help of my only living Aunt I still have the photos of my Uncles, but there is only the one at the top of my Aunt in uniform.  I also have cousins and sibs who served in various armed forces, Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force!  Since I don’t remember who served where I can only say there is an Uncle by marriage — Leslie Swanson,  USAF, ret. and now deceased, as are all of the above, and several cousins, plus a brother and a sister who served our country proudly and thankfully, mainly in peacetime.  Leslie was in Korea and Viet Nam, drove a rescue ‘copter, and paid the ultimate price a few years later after returning home.  

Uncle Leo, my personal hero because he lived behind us as long as I lived on Hwy. 81 and I knew him best of the three, was infantry — I think.  He was my Mom’s youngest brother, and had a sense of humor that just didn’t quit.  He used that wit to hide a lot of painful memories from that horrible time.  He was also a casualty of war, even though he returned home in one piece.  Back then it was called “shell shock” if I remember my history correctly.  He fought his demonic dreams with the kind of humor only he could show.  Being a true Blandford, that sense of humor they all shared kept him sane and functioning.  My six cousins, his kids, all seem to be relatively insane, um, I mean sane just like all of the rest of us (especially me?) and they alone carry on the old family tradition of a huge reunion each year.  They are also the keepers of the barbecue sauce recipe, which I also use on the rare occasions that I actually throw a piece of meat on the grill.

Okay, now for the acid test.  I’m about to hit the “publish” button just to see if any of this will be recoverable.  If not, that will just be it for me.  I’m too tired to continue with a server that doesn’t care.  A.


3 responses to “Fourth Of July Salute

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  2. I love to hear stories about my grandfather Leo. The family rarely talks about him. I know he suffered terrible PTSD from the war and it had a lingering effect on the whole family. Any other stories about him that you would like to share, I would love to hear!

    Emma Blandford
    (Phil’s daughter)

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    • Emma, he never spoke about his experiences to his kids. Nice to meet you, too. I heard all the stories from my Mom, Mary Goetz, and even my brothers and sisters never heard them either. Aunt Marie also tells me some new things also. If you are on FB, message me and I’ll let you know the things I remember, or call me. He was a genuine hero, and he lived behind us while I still lived on Hwy 81, so I guess we all knew him best. I haven’t really kept up with the family since 1964, so I would love to hear from you and be filled in on them myself. 270-926-7889


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